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Lupus Walk San Francisco

Today my best friend Nick Moline along with our friend Tim Stanley, and Mary Minow took to the streets of San Fransisco this Sunday, October 27, 2013 and walked to raise awareness and donations that might help foster research the the hopes that some day someone might find a cure.

Barbara Jean Moline Nick’s wife and my friend who has Lupus since she was 13 years old was in remission after a very challenging childhood. Barbara went without a Lupus flare up for over a decade and a half. Barbara who had been perfectly healthy and looking for a job at the time was struck with a sudden and vicious onset of the Lupus just 2 weeks before the walk. After a week in the hospital and Cytoxan treatment she was allowed to come home. Barbara who is sad she could not be out today in San Fransisco follows the walk on facebook cheering on her Husband and friends who walk today for all those who face Lupus.

The team has managed to raise over $1600 dollars meeting their projected goals. Go Team!

Information about the walk can be found here.

More Information about lupus can also be found on Lupus Foundation of America website.