Day One – I Quit


I have been told time and again that I drink way to much Coca-Cola This is of course true and I have never denied such a claim. I got chewed out recently for taking in so many that it was becoming a difficult expense. I tried to shrug that fact off because it threaten a way of life for me. I am an addict after all. I wish I had never gotten launched on the stuff now. I am worried about what it will do to my system, but being 26/27 I figure I am young I have time to put those worries behind me I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Wishful thinking since I even go sometimes as far as to tell myself “Technology will be better when I get older I won’t have to worry about the physical problems my parents did.

Crushed Coke Can

Typing that now I laugh it’s pretty stupid, but when you want something like that to be true so bad you do all you can to convince yourself at least temporarily that it is true and you’ll be fine. This type of thinking will surely be my death, so I am cutting my addiction off.

Now, I did some Internet research such as blogs, medical sites, diet guides, and how to cut caffeine steps. What I read did not please me, as I have tried this before with the result of massive headaches. I was hoping for a guide on how to counter the headache withdraw symptoms, and I found only a single solution that suggested quiting cold turkey was not the way to cut back the quantity then switch to diet then eventually stop. I have however decided that I can afford to be completely useless for a week even if I have to hide under my covers till the pain stops. I don’t like to drag things out I just prefer they be done with.

Another blogger who has managed to do this posted his story, Jay Garman tells his story over on Tech Republic. Temptations will be high for me to manage this won’t be easy as I live with roommates who share in the same love for Coca-Cola as I do. Plus, it is my 27th birthday this Saturday March the 1st it’s not going to be easy to ignore the temptation to take in a drink to celebrate the new year for my life. I even considered not doing this till after my Birthday but the idea itself makes me sound week and it’s just another excuse to keep on going as I have been all these years. No the truth is the plan has to start somewhere so why not now, right here, today.

I will try and post regular reports of my progress in the mean time I would appreciate any prayers and support you can offer. This is after all a good and honest goal for a better life. My only 2 fears for this plan are as follows. I will show a moment of weakness finding myself back at step 1, and the second thing is the guilt I will feel when the Coca-Cola Co. is forced to put 2000 people at the nearest distribution center out of work because I stopped paying for their product. 🙂